Path to Publishing Program

Book Passage's Path to Publishing Program

A Program to Help Writers Get Published!
The world of publishing is changing ra[pidly, and each change brings new challenges. Big publishers are still the major force in the business, but there are good opportunities to work with small publishers and to self-publish. The format of books has expanded, with electronic books occupying a portion of the market along with traditional, print books. The marketing of books has changed as well, with social media opening up new opportunities for authors to reach out to their audience.

The Path to Publishing Program sheds light on these issues and helps prospective authors achieve their goals. Not every book is destined for bestseller status, but every well-written book should find a home within the reach of the readers for whom it is intended. The challenge for authors is to create the best books they can, take advantage of every opportunity, and reach the goals they have set for themselves. Many who have come through the PTP program have published books and are busy presenting those books to their readers.

How Does It Work?
When you join Path to Publishing, we tailor the program to your needs. We work with authors to find the right editors, designers, publicists, distributors, and other professionals to produce the best book possible. We offer optional conferences and workshops to help bring these ideas together.

Some writers may benefit from the one-on-one guidance that we offer through the PTP Mentoring Program, which is designed to provide open-ended guidance from someone experienced in the publishing business. Writers in the Mentoring Program work with an established author or editor, and they focus on issues that are the most important to them. The mentor and the writer set the agenda for their sessions, which may range from sources that writers might look to for inspiration to the practical question of where the book might fit into the marketplace. The writer's needs are at the center of the program.

What's the Next Step?
Once you've signed-up for the program, we meet with you to decide what the next step should be. Here are some of the options we offer:

  • Connecting you with an appropriate mentor
  • Referral to editors, copy editors, and other writing professionals to help polish the manuscript
  • Sharing information and contacts about local and small publishers
  • Referral to book design professionals to produce an attractive book that meets printer specifications
  • Assistance in getting the book copyrighted, obtaining an ISBN, and similar services
  • Help in setting-up a print-on-demand account that will make the book available in the wider book market
  • Referral to publicists who can help publicize the book
  • Preparation for placement of the book in Book Passage stores


For more information and to register:
Email or call Nancy Fish at (415) 927-0960 ext. 401