Hot Flashes 2: more sexy little stories & poems

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Hot Flashes 2Editors: Linda Watanabe McFerrin & Laurie McAndish King

What our world needs is a lot more love. Of course in these busy days, it might be hard to find the elusive amour, let alone bask in its healing influence. So we provide the antidote for modern, time- and love-starved lives. Two pages, and you're blessed by an encounter with your childhood sweetheart; three more and you're in South American, exchanging glances with a charming Brazilian or floating in the sea, listening to a slow and soulful saxophone. Sexy flashes from 30 talented writers!

Poet and novelist Linda Watanabe McFerrin has been traveling since she was two and writing about it since she was six. She's a contributor to numerous literary journals, newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and online publications. A popular speaker and panelist and an award-winning writer, she's authored two poetry collections, a novel and a short story collection, and has edited four books including a northern California guidebook and a travel anthology. She's served as a panelist and past judge for the San Francisco Literary Awards, the Josephine Miles Award for Literary Excellence and the Kiriyama Prize, and is founder and President of Left Coast Writers, LLC. Laurie McAndish King is a travel writer whose essays have been published in anthologies such as 30 Days in Italy, The Thong Also Rises and the award-winning The Kindness of Stangers. Her work has been published in magazines and aired on radio. Laurie's adventurous spirit has led her to chase lemurs through Madagascar, study medicinal plants in the jungles of Brazil, track lions on foot--without a gun--in Botswana, study with an urban shaman in San Francisco, and trap and band raptors in the Marin Headlands. She publishes an online newsletter for travel writers and indulges her passions for travel and natural history as often as she can. 


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