Felecia Gaston - Grandmothers Feed Us Love

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In the Black family tradition, sharing a meal is about spices and special sauces, but also love, wisdom and family connections that stand the test of time.

Grandmothers Feed Us Love is a reminder of the power of the human spirit to bring people together over a good meal. It also gives us a change, as we do in various African traditions, to lift up our elders. Grandmothers Feed Us Love salutes and acknowledges eight generations of women who, with their food and love, raised an entire community. Without them, we would not have this great story to tell. These recipes are not static on the page. They invite the reader to try the various meals and add their own special flavor, thus continuing a labor of love through culinary cuisine that's steeped in the rich Black traditions from the south.

This historical book has been curated and edited by one of the main culture keepers in Marin City, Felecia Gaston. Grandmother Feed Us Love is a part of the 80-Year Celebration of Marin City, which includes events, exhibits, and initiatives to lift up, preserve, and share with the world the history of this small Black community in Northern California. Grandmothers Feed Us Love is one of the initiatives of Marin City 80 and Performing Stars of Marin that establishes the Marin City Historical Preservation Society.

Felecia Gaston is the author of Grandmothers Feed Us Love.



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