Private Consultations (Mystery Writers Conference 2023)

Optional 30-minute private consultations are available for $105. You may use that time
to discuss a concept or proposal, or to have a faculty member review and provide feedback
on a portion of a manuscript you have submitted.

Please select three members of the listed faculty and note their names with your
submission, ranking them in order of preference. We ask for three faculty members per
consultation, so that if you’re having multiple consultations, you’ve noted several choices
for each. (For example, if you’re having 2 consultations, please list 3 faculty members for
each, for a total of 6.) We will do our very best to accommodate your preference.

We encourage you to purchase your consultation and send your submission prior to arriving
at the conference, as this will help ensure that we are able to schedule you to meet with one
of your top faculty choices.

Submitted material must be double-spaced and should not exceed 20 pages. While not
necessary, a cover letter can be helpful in letting your designated faculty member know if
there’s something specific you hope he/she will address during your consultation.

Please email your submission to Kathryn Petrocelli at

If you plan to use your consultation to instead discuss an idea, please email your list of three
faculty members to meet with in order of preference. Please send that list to

If you decide to arrange a consultation after you have arrived at the conference, you are welcome
to do so! Please bring two (2) copies of your material with you to the conference, and we
will let you know which faculty members still have availability.

Faculty Offering Consultations:

Cara Black
Susan Breall
Tony Broadbent
Joe Clifford
Hallie Ephron
George Fong
Kate Gale
Elizabeth K. Kracht
James L'Etoile
Tim Maleeny
Vilaska Nguyen
Bill Petrocelli
Susan C. Shea
Luisa Smith
Robin C. Stuart