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Kristina Cho

Mooncakes and Milk Bread

An In-Person Book Signing • Book Passage (SF Ferry Building)

Sat., February 4 • 12:00pm PT

This event will be hosted live at Book Passage's San Francisco Store. Please contact with questions regarding live events.
*Please note that masks are recommended for Ferry Building events.
Visit the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market first for a cooking demo with Kristina Cho at 11:00am. Details here.

In Mooncakes & Milk Bread, food blogger Kristina Cho ( introduces readers to Chinese bakery cooking with fresh, uncomplicated interpretations of classic recipes for the modern baker.

Inside, you'll find sweet and savory baked buns, steamed buns, Chinese breads, unique cookies, whimsical cakes, juicy dumplings, Chinese breakfast dishes, and drinks. Recipes for steamed BBQ pork buns, pineapple buns with a thick slice of butter, silky smooth milk tea, and chocolate Swiss rolls all make an appearance--because a book about Chinese bakeries wouldn't be complete without them.

Kristina teaches you to whip up these delicacies like a pro, including how to:

  • Knead dough without a stand mixer
  • Avoid collapsed steamed buns
  • Infuse creams and custards with aromatic tea flavors
  • Mix the most workable dumpling dough
  • Pleat dumplings like an Asian grandma

This is the first book to exclusively focus on Chinese bakeries and caf's, but it isn't just for those nostalgic for Chinese bakeshop foods -- it's for all home bakers who want exciting new recipes to add to their repertoires.

Kristina Cho’s culinary perspective is rooted in her experiences as a first-generation Chinese American who grew up in Cleveland going to her family’s Chinese restaurant, before moving to one of San Francisco’s unofficial second Chinatown in the Inner Richmond neighborhood. A self-taught home cook and baker, Kristina is behind the popular food blog and Instagram page Eat Cho Food, where she showcases her Asian-inspired recipes to tens of thousands of followers. The success of her blog led her to focus full-time on cooking and recipe development, and she currently teaches hands-on cooking classes and homemade dumpling workshops. Kristina had the idea for Mooncakes and Milk Bread after spending years experimenting with her own versions of recipes inspired by her favorite Chinese cafe dishes and realizing the lack of existing cookbook options focused specifically on the genre.  


Kristina Cho photo courtesy of the publisher



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Published: Harper Horizon - October 12th, 2021