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Do you love to read? Are you between 14 and 18?
If yes, and if you want to improve the literary life of your community, then you are probably an Insider

What do the Insiders get?

  • Review copies of YA books before they’re published
  • Special field trips, events, and author Q&As

What do the Insiders give?

  • Your opinions! Tell us what books you’ve loved and write shelf-talkers for the store
  • Meet other Insiders on the second Sunday of the month (5:00 pm)
  • Share what you’ve read and pick up new books
  • Two hours of volunteer time in the store per year: Help at a children's event, help choose books for the Giving Tree, or staff the YA Advisory Desk (and you can submit school community service forms for volunteering)

If you think you should be one of the Insiders, write a short review of your favorite YA book & email it to Clare Doornbos, The number of Insiders is limited, so write now!

Insider Reviews - October 2019

WILDER GIRLS - Rory Powers
Wilder Girls is a haunting and atmospheric story set on an island off the coast of Maine that becomes afflicted with a mysterious disease. Hetty, Byatt, and Reese are three girls whose bodies are mutated by the disease and must stick together to stay alive. When Byatt disappears, Hetty has to choose between losing her friend and jeopardizing their chance at a cure. This story will stick with you long after you've read it. —Rachel

This book checks off all the teen romance must-haves: a meet-cute scenario, family problems (not too many), and a lovely romance. I found myself rooting for the characters as soon as they met. I Love You So Mochi highlights the importance of family in the rich setting of Japan. It is the perfect short and sweet read filled with Japanese culture and food! —Lily

ON A SUNBEAM - Tillie Walden
On a Sunbeam is a beautiful love story interwoven with a deep space adventure. It will show you friendship, trust, love and the loss that comes with it. Accompanied by stunning visuals, this graphic novel is a must read. —Shayla

This novel is a clever excavation into an alternate United States where a monarchy flourishes. McGee manages to interweave the perspectives of four girls, each with their own tale of love, power, and the tangled web of American politics. A funny, gripping, and romantic answer to the question of what the royal family would look like in 21st century American society. —Odessa

A fast paced magical adventure exploring the unspoken rules that those at the bottom tier of society are governed by; perfect for fans of romance, historical allusions, and strong female characters. —Isabella

Insider Reviews - June 2019

A gorgeous, poetic exploration of mental illness and the burden and great gift being human can be. How it Feels to Float follows Biz as she deals with her own sexuality, grief over her father, mental illness and the tides of new and old friends. I read this book aloud to myself because the writing was so achingly beautiful. This book was an emotional excavation and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. --Odessa

Insider Reviews - May 2019

Beautiful prose meets a meticulously crafted story in The Girl from Everywhere, a historical fantasy novel by Heidi Heilig.  The book has pirates and time travel; a diverse cast and humor. I especially loved the dialogue- I laughed out loud multiple times. --Rachel

LEAH ON THE OFFBEAT - Becky Albertalli
A coming of age book wrestling with the realities of friendship, sexuality and the passage from high school to college. Filled with love, friends and family, this book made me writhe with laughter and cry while relating to the challenges Leah faced. –-Odessa

AGAIN BUT BETTER - Christine Riccio
Again but Better by Christine Riccio is a vibrant new contemporary about a sheltered girl who’s world shatters when she decides to study abroad.  The protagonist, Shane, has doubts and insecurities that resonated with me throughout the novel, and I was thrilled with her growth. Definitely recommend! --Rachel

Jude may not be of their world by choice, but she will fight to stay a part of it. You will be drawn into the novel right away with constant adventure. –-Jace

Justin A. Reynolds’ debut novel combines romance, coming of age, and a lot of time travel into a hilarious YA novel, The Opposite of Always.  I adored each character’s distinct personality and the way their choices impacted the plot. –-Rachel

LOVE AND GELATO - Jenna Evans Welch
A fluffy summer romance blooms in Tuscany, Italy between Lina and a young Italian boy. I loved this book. I really liked how it felt like you were really in Tuscany and the romance was so cute and heart-warming –-Zoe

ALL WE CAN DO IS WAIT - Richard Lawson
This is an excellent read, which tells the anxious story of families in the dark during a tragic time. You will ache and smile as you unfold different stories of strangers coming together in times of destruction. –-Sarita

A WINTER'S PROMISE - Christelle Dabos
This wonderfully magical book will keep you reading until the last page. With lies and hidden evils, Ophelia’s story will keep you hooked. –-Jace

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INK: Books for Not-Quite-Young-Adults
• a drop-in book group for kids age 8-12 •
6:00-7:00 pm • 3rd Friday of the Month • Corte Madera Store

INK is a book group designed for avid readers and writers from ages 8-12. It’s a lively group of kids who meet to plot, illustrate, and write their own books. They are the authors of Dragon Mist, Dragon Fire, and Dragon Island.

The group also discusses books they’ve read and invites authors to speak about their own books and the writing process. The perks of membership include launch parties for INK books, scoring advance reader’s copies of new books, and writing book reviews. But the best perk is working with a group of book fans who have imaginations as big as your own!

INK for YAs
• a drop-in book group for ages 12-16 •
7:15-8:15 pm • 3rd Friday of the Month • Corte Madera Store

INK for YAs was formed by graduates of INK , but they welcome others. They are now planning their first book. 

Any questions? Interested in joining? Then email:


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Schedule either a multi-day event or a single-night event in the store, and your school will earn a substantial rebate on any book purchased by your parents and supporters. Although we will provide a curated list for the event, your school rebate extends to any book purchased during that event.  

We can create leveled Highlights Lists, offer student and adult book chats, and help you create a unique experience for your school. Examples from our events have included band and choir performances, dramatic readings, storytelling, art displays, author appearances, and more! We work with you to design a program that reflects your school while introducing students (and families!) to the newest in children’s and adult literature.

Teacher Discount Card

Teachers who enlist in the program receive a substantial discount off their purchases at professional events, and they receive the same discount year-round for classroom purchases!

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