The Insiders

Ten Insiders Wanted!

Do you LOVE to read? Are you aged between 14 and 18? Do you geek out over new books by e lockhart, Andrew Smith or Leigh Bardugo? Do you want to volunteer to improve the literary life of your community?

Then you are probably a Book Passage Insider.

What do The Insiders get?

  • Access to new YA books before they're published. Read review copies and discover the best new books before anyone else.
  • Special question privileges at YA author events at Book Passage. Submit your questions before the event and the moderator will read them out before asking the crowd.
  • Special Insider field trips and events.

What do The Insiders give?

  • Your opinions. Tell us what books you've loved (or didn't). Write shelf talkers for the store or see your full review published in Book Passage News & Reviews which goes to 30,000 people.
  • One hour a month to come and meet with the other Booknerds at 5pm on the second Sunday of the month. We'll share what we've read and pick up new books.
  • Two hours of volunteer time in the store per year. Help out at little kid events, help choose books to donate to the Giving Tree or staff the “YA Advisory Desk”. And you can submit school community service forms for volunteering.

If you think you should be one of The Insiders write a short review of your favorite YA book and email it to Clare Doornbos, at Book Passage ( We only need ten Insiders, so email today.