Mark Stephens - Yoga for Better Sleep (Corte Madera Store)

Sunday, October 6, 2019 - 1:00pm

As modern science unravels some of the mysteries of our sleeping, dreaming, and waking states, age-old yoga practices are helping us to enjoy better sleep, clearer minds, and healthier bodies. Over 65 percent of U.S. adults are sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation causes and worsens many ailments, including stress, heart conditions, high blood pressure, obesity, and depression. This book provides easy-to-do and effective yoga activities--including postural sequences, breathing exercises, and meditation tools--for better quality and quantity sleep across the life cycle from childhood to older age. In Yoga for Better Sleep, long-time yoga instructor, teacher trainer, and bestselling author Mark Stephens integrates the ancient wisdom of yoga, practical insights, age- and condition-specific sequences, and discussions of neuroscience and psychology to offer tools for improving sleep--naturally and drug-free.

Mark Stephens is a reformed insomniac who once believed that sleeping five to six hours per night was a blessing of the gods. Now a healthy eight-hour-per-night sleeper, Stephens is the author of Teaching Yoga, Yoga Sequencing, Yoga Adjustments, and Yoga Therapy. A yoga practitioner for over twenty-five years, he lives, practices yoga, and writes in Santa Cruz, California.

Yoga for Better Sleep: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science Cover Image
By Mark Stephens, Sally Kempton (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9781623173630
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Published: North Atlantic Books - August 13th, 2019

Learn simple yoga techniques--poses, meditations, and breathwork--to sleep better and longer, from master yoga teacher trainer and author, Mark Stephens

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Kathryn Lukas & Shane Peterson - The Farmhouse Culture Guide to Fermenting (Corte Madera Store)

Sunday, October 6, 2019 - 4:00pm

Fermented and live-culture foods are beloved for their bold and layered flavors as well as their benefits for gut health and boosting immunity, but until now, there hasn't been a book that is both authoritative and easy to use. The Farmhouse Culture Guide to Fermenting provides you with the history, health information, and safest methods for preserving, along with 100 recipes for krauts, pickles, kimchi, fermented vegetables, hot sauces, preserved fruits and jams, kombucha, and even mead. With trusted authors Kathryn Lukas, founder of mega brand Farmhouse Culture, and master fermenter and best-selling author Shane Peterson and their thoroughly tested recipes, this is the fermentation book that every home fermenter needs--whether you are about to make your first batch of pickles or have been preserving foods for decades.

Kathryn Lukas is a former chef and the founder of Farmhouse Culture, an award-winning fermented food and beverage company based in Santa Cruz, California. A native Californian, Kathryn’s love affair with food started in her grandparents’ farmhouse kitchen where home-grown ingredients were turned into simple, yet delicious meals. Years later, she fell in love with fresh fermented sauerkraut at her restaurant in Stuttgart, Germany. Kathryn returned home to the US in the late 90s and learned how to make live-culture ferments through a Natural Culinary Program in Santa Cruz. Obsessed, she traveled the globe in pursuit of ancient fermentation techniques and in 2008 founded Farmhouse Culture. She now shares her love and knowledge of fermented, live-culture foods and their powerful healing qualities through workshops and retreats worldwide.

Shane Peterson is a master fermenter, product developer, and best-selling cookbook author with over 10 years of experience in the fermented food and beverage industry. His first book Fermentering was a best-seller in Denmark, and eventually was published throughout Scandinavia. As head Fermentologist for Farmhouse Culture he co-created many award winning product lines. Shane is a passionate advocate for the rewilding of the human microbiome and the human spirit through the craft of fermentation. An ardent lover of nature, he spends much of his time hiking and foraging the trails of the Northern California. Shane consults for fermented food companies and leads fermentation workshops both in the U.S. and abroad.

The Farmhouse Culture Guide to Fermenting: Crafting Live-Cultured Foods and Drinks with 100 Recipes from Kimchi to Kombucha [A Cookbook] Cover Image
ISBN: 9780399582653
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Ten Speed Press - August 27th, 2019

An authoritative and easy-to-use guide to fermentation with 100 recipes for fermented foods and drinks.

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Stephen Mitchell - Joseph and the Way of Forgiveness (Corte Madera Store)

Sunday, October 6, 2019 - 7:00pm

Stephen Mitchell’s gift is to breathe new life into ancient classics. In Joseph and the Way of Forgiveness, he offers us his riveting novelistic version of the Biblical tale in which Jacob’s favorite son is sold into slavery and eventually becomes viceroy of Egypt. Tolstoy called it the most beautiful story in the world. What’s new here is the lyrical, witty, vivid prose, informed by a wisdom that brings fresh insight to this foundational legend of betrayal and all-embracing forgiveness. Mitchell’s retelling, which reads like a postmodern novel, interweaves the narrative with brief meditations that, with their Zen surprises, expand the narrative and illuminate its main themes.

By stepping inside the minds of Joseph and the other characters, Mitchell reanimates one of the central stories of Western culture. The engrossing tale that he has created will capture the hearts and minds of modernreaders and show them that this ancient story can still challenge, delight, and astonish.

Stephen Mitchell was born in Brooklyn, educated at Amherst, the Sorbonne, and Yale, and de-educated through intensive Zen training. His many books include the bestselling Tao Te Ching, Gilgamesh, The Gospel According to Jesus, The Book of Job, The Second Book of the Tao, The Selected Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke, Bhagavad Gita, The Iliad, The Odyssey, and Beowulf. He is also the co-author of three of his wife Byron Katie’s bestselling books.

Joseph and the Way of Forgiveness: A Biblical Tale Retold Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250237521
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: St. Martin's Essentials - September 17th, 2019

A unique and special kind of masterpiece.” —John Banville

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Robert Bilott with Mark Ruffalo - Exposure (San Francisco Ferry Building Store)

Monday, October 7, 2019 - 12:00pm

Tickets: $31 (includes a copy of Exposure)

Silent Spring meets Erin Brockovich in this riveting true story of the lawyer who spent twenty years building a case against DuPont for its use of the hazardous, unregulated chemical PFOA, uncovering a history of environmental contamination that affects virtually every person on the planet, and the cover-up that kept it a secret for decades.

In 1998, Rob Bilott was a young lawyer specializing in helping big corporations stay on the right side of environmental laws and regulations. His life and career took an unexpected turn when he got a phone call from a West Virginia farmer named Earl Tennant, who was convinced his cattle were being poisoned by runoff into a stream from a neighboring DuPont landfill. Earl hadn’t been able to get a water sample tested by any state or federal regulatory agency or find a local lawyer willing to take the case. As soon as they heard the name DuPont—the area’s largest employer—they shut him down.

Agreeing to help Earl, Rob ultimately gains access to hundreds of thousands of pages of DuPont documents that reveal the company has been holding onto decades of studies proving the harmful effects of a chemical called PFOA, used in making Teflon. More toxic than lead, PFOA is often called a “forever chemical,” because once it gets inside the human body, it remains there, building up faster than the body can excrete it. What starts as the case of one farmer soon spawns a class action suit on behalf of seventy thousand residents—and the shocking realization that virtually every person on the planet has been exposed to PFOA and carries the chemical in his or her blood.

Exposure is an unforgettable David and Goliath legal drama about malice and manipulation, the failings of environmental regulation, and one lawyer’s twenty-year struggle to expose the truth about this previously unknown—and still unregulated—chemical that presents one of the greatest environmental and human health crises of the twenty-first century.

Robert Bilott is a partner at the law firm Taft Stettinius & Hollister, LLP in Cincinnati, Ohio where he has practiced environmental law and litigation for more than twenty-eight years. He has been selected as one of the Best Lawyers in America for several years running and has received numerous honors for his work in environmental law and litigation. Rob is a former chair of the Cincinnati Bar Association’s Environmental Law Committee and a graduate of New College in Sarasota, Florida (BA) and the Ohio State University College of Law (JD, cum laude). In 2017, Rob received the international Right Livelihood Award, commonly known as the “Alternative Nobel Prize,” for his years of work on PFOA.

Mark Ruffalo is an Academy Award®, Golden Globe®, BAFTA, and Emmy® nominee who will play Rob Bilott in Participant’s upcoming film, Dark Waters, distributed by Focus Features, about the DuPont pollution scandal that also stars Anne Hathaway, Bill Pullman, and Tim Robbins. He is currently in production on I Know This Much Is True, an eight-episode limited series at HBO based off the best-selling novel of the same name that he is both starring in and producing. He has been nominated for three Academy Awards within five years for his performances in The Kids Are All Right, Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher, and Thomas McCarthy’s Spotlight, which followed The Boston Globe’s coverage of the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal for which the newspaper won the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. Ruffalo advocates for addressing climate change and increasing renewable energy. In 2012, Ruffalo helped launch The Solutions Project as part of his mission to share science, business and culture that demonstrates the feasibility of sustainable energy.


Please note that tickets are non-refundable.

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Class: Genevieve Blaise-Sullivan - Advanced French Level 2

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 - 10:30am
photo of Genevieve Blaise-Sullivan

Eight Tuesdays: Oct 8 - Dec 17, 2019 (no class 10/29, 11/5 & 11/12) • 10:35 am - 12:35 pm • $275

Review of advanced grammar and discussions of current issues. Students will read the contemporary French novel “La chambre des merveilles” by Julien Sandrel.

Genevieve Blaise-Sullivan is a graduate of the Sorbonne. She has taught French at College of Marin for over 30 years.

51 Tamal Vista Blvd
Corte Madera, CA 94925

Class: Genevieve Blaise-Sullivan - Advanced French - Level 1

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 - 1:00pm
photo of Genevieve Blaise-Sullivan

Eight Tuesdays: Oct 8 - Dec 17 (no class 10/29, 11/5 & 11/12)  • 1:00 - 3:00 pm • $275

Review of grammar, use of videos from “7 jours sur la planete,” and discussions of current issues. Students will continue reading the contemporary French novel “Un sac de billes” by Joseph Joffo.

Genevieve Blaise-Sullivan is a graduate of the Sorbonne. She has taught French at College of Marin for over 30 years.

51 Tamal Vista Blvd
Corte Madera, CA 94925