William Goodson - It's Your Body...Ask! (Corte Madera)

Saturday, September 23, 2017 - 11:00am

Time with your doctor is short, so knowing how to ask your doctor the right questions is essential to receiving care that is personalized to you. It's Your Body...Ask! is a guide to the questions to ask your physician about breast cancer - and other breast problems - to assure that you receive the most personalized medicine for your health. Designed to help you organize your thoughts, it helps you start learning - before your appointment begins - by focusing on the different questions to ask if you want to check that you are okay, if you have an area in your breast that you are worried about, or if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The book explains why each individual question is important to the patient and what she can learn from the range of possible answers. The second edition is expanded to accommodate new information about the answers to old questions and new questions raised by recent advances in research. The introduction explains where doctors get information, the meaning of relative and absolute risk, and more importantly how a woman can judge for herself the value of different types of information to avoid being misled by exaggeration of the benefit of one treatment versus another. The body of the book has an expanded introduction to genetic testing, wider discussion of how to think about the treatment of breast cancer, and an overview of the newest group of cancer drugs, targeted biologic therapies.

William Goodson was born in Kansas City, Missouri. After graduating from the University of Missouri, he attended Harvard Medical School, trained as a surgeon, and embarked on a career dedicated to treating women with breast cancer. As an early participant in clinical trials offering women lumpectomy for treating cancer, he realized the importance of preserving women's right to choose in all parts of life. Since then, he has advocated for women's choice - from the trials of lumpectomy to advocating for adequate screening for breast cancer and safe cosmetics and other personal products. He has been professor of surgery and chairman of the medical school curriculum committee at University of California San Francisco as well as recipient of the Compassionate Caring Award from the Institute for Health and Healing in San Francisco where he practices. In addition to caring for patients, he does research on the role of environmental chemicals in cancer.

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