William Gibson - The Peripheral

North American master of letters William Gibson returns with his first novel in four years, The Peripheral, a high-tech thriller partly set in a decadent post-apocalyptic future. The “peripherals” of the title are quasi-human drone bodies, with full tactile feedback, operated from any distance, which have erased any lingering distinction between the Web and the world. Where Flynne and her brother Burton live, jobs outside the drug business are rare. Fortunately, Burton has his veteran’s benefits, for neural damage he suffered during his time in the USMC’s elite Haptic Recon force. Then one night Burton has to go out, but there’s a job he’s supposed to do—a job Flynne didn’t know he had. Beta-testing part of a new game, he tells her. The job seems to be simple: work a perimeter around the image of a tower building. Little buglike things turn up. He’s supposed to get in their way, edge them back. That’s all there is to it. He’s offering Flynne a good price to take over for him. What she sees, though, isn’t what Burton told her to expect. It might be a game, but it might also be murder.

William Gibson is the celebrated author of Neuromancer, Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive, Burning Chrome, Virtual Light, Idoru, All Tomorrow’s Parties, Pattern Recognition, Spook Country, Zero History, and Distrust That Particular Flavor. Gibson is not only revered for his illustrious career as a fiction writer, but also as a non-fiction writer, famous for his acclaimed feature "Disneyland with the Death Penalty" and as a cultural figure, notable for coining the term "cyberspace."



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ISBN: 9780399158445
Published: Berkley Books - October 28th, 2014