Vicki Gray - Troublemaker

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 6:00pm

Troublemaker: Troubled Words for Troubled Times ($15.95) is a collection of sermons written by Episcopal deacon, Vicki Gray, who speaks with a prophetic voice about many of the things that make our world broken.

This work is grounded in the gospel story of Jesus, remembering how Christ always stood with the poor, marginalized, and vulnerable. Consequently, he stood in the line of fire for those who sought to oppress or ignore others. In this way, Jesus was always getting into trouble. He was courageous because he risked speaking into the silence that masked the poverty and struggle of his people. He was willing to be identified with outcasts. It is with this vision of Jesus that Vicki seeks to follow the path of discipleship.

These sermons tell the story of one woman’s journey into a lifetime of dedicated service to those on the margins of society or under the threat of war. Vicki intentionally walks out in faith to stand in harm’s way, believing in the power of God to bring peace, hope, and justice to those in need.

Vicki Gray is a deacon in the Episcopal Church, who works in some of the most challenging ministries in the Bay Area. Vicki works closely with people who have been marginalized in our society: the homeless, prisoners, families struggling in poverty. She has also taken up the global issues of peace and justice, especially in the Middle East. A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, and retired Foreign Service Officer, she has served on the faculty of the National Defense University. She is a recipient of the Bronze Star as a combat veteran in Vietnam.