Travel Photography with Your iPhone with Susan & Neil Silverman


Travel Photography with Your iPhone

with Susan and Neil Silverman

Saturday, June 29, 2024
11AM -3PM
Corte Madera Store - $155





The modern-day traveler has replaced the paper journal with film, the digital camera, and now the iPhone/phone camera. You always have it with you to capture the moments, memories, and vistas of your trip. But how do you do that well?

In this workshop, we will discuss and demonstrate: the settings, filters, exposure, focus, shutter speeds, lenses (yes you do have lens choices on the phone camera), panoramas, macro and close ups, portraits, and videos. All will be presented with an eye towards creativity and compositional power and considerations.  Join us in discovering and mastering the potential of your iPhone camera for your next trip!

Note: All camera phones are welcome, but we will be demonstrating on an iPhone. This workshop is open to all ages and all levels of experience.


Susan and Neil Silverman are a husband and wife team who have been “captured” with photography for over twenty-five years --(teaching, leading workshops and working professionally in many venues). They have taught for the Santa Fe Photo Workshops, Gualala Art Center, Santa Rosa Junior College, Pacific Northwest Art School, Pt Reyes Field Institute, Great American Photography Workshop (GAPW), B&H Photo, PPC, PPWC, WPPI, Better Photo as well as many Photo Clubs and organizations. They have presented several podcasts and have been interviewed by several broadcasting stations. Sharing knowledge, experiences and camaraderie is as meaningful as “getting the shot”. Their work has appeared as the cover of Outdoor Photography, in Elle Magazine, der Spiegel, Sierra Club, the Cure, Audubon, Nikon World, Press Democrat, San Francisco Chronicle and many more. As photographers they realize that the light reveals itself in meaningful ways— on the camera, as a visual awakening, as an awesome moment in time and as a kindling of spirit and soul.


All photos credited to Susan and Neil Silverman.

































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