Susan Silver - Hot Pants in Hollywood (Sausalito)

As the lyrics from the iconic Mary Tyler Moore Show said, “She made it after all!” From another Midwest town, Milwaukee, with all its Sixties’ values and normalcy, Susan Silver went on to fame and fortune in Hollywood, had a successful career as one of the first women in TV sitcoms, and reinvented herself in different prominent arenas in New York.

Though her story is unique, due to the career she chose, her life is relatable to all women; Baby Boomers dealing with divorce, dating, aging parents, or young women of today, looking for advice in work or love. If you love Show Biz and want to know what it’s like behind the scenes, Hot Pants in Hollywood is very funny…sexy too!

Susan Silver wrote many sitcoms and movies of the week, two of which were top ten Nielsen rated. Currently, she does radio commentary and lectures on comedy.



100 Bay St.
Sausalito, CA 94965