Simone Stolzoff with Arielle Pardes - The Good Enough Job (Ferry Building)

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Simone Stolzoff
in conversation with Arielle Pardes

The Good Enough Job
Reclaiming Life from Work

Free In-Person Event • Book Passage (SF Ferry Building)

Weds., June 7th • 5:00pm PT

This event will be hosted live at Book Passage's San Francisco Store. Please contact with questions regarding live events.

"Superb."—Oliver Burkeman

A challenge to the tyranny of work and a call to reclaim our lives from its clutches.

From the moment we ask children what they want to “be” when they grow up, we exalt the dream job as if it were life’s ultimate objective. Many entangle their identities with their jobs, with predictable damage to happiness, wellbeing, and even professional success.
The Good Enough Job, journalist Simone Stolzoff traces how work has come to dominate Americans’ lives—and why we find it so difficult to let go. Based on groundbreaking reporting and interviews with Michelin star chefs, Wall Street bankers, overwhelmed teachers and other workers across the American economy, Stolzoff exposes what we lose when we expect work to be more than a job. Rather than treat work as a calling or a dream, he asks what it would take to reframe work as a part of life rather than the entirety of our lives. What does it mean for a job to be good enough?
Through provocative critique and deep reporting, Stolzoff punctures the myths that keep us chained to our jobs. By exposing the lies we--and our employers--tell about the value of our labor, The Good Enough Job makes the urgent case for reclaiming our lives in a world centered around work.

Simone Stolzoff is an independent journalist and consultant from San Francisco. A former design lead at the global innovation firm IDEO, he regularly works with leaders—from the Surgeon General of the United States to the Chief Talent Officer at Google—on how to make the workplace more human-centered. His feature writing on the intersection of labor and Silicon Valley has appeared in The AtlanticWIREDThe San Francisco Chronicle, and numerous other publications. He is a graduate of Stanford and The University of Pennsylvania.

Arielle Pardes is a journalist based in Berkeley, California. She is currently a reporter at The Information, where she writes features about the culture of Silicon Valley. Previously, she was a senior writer at WIRED and a senior editor for VICE.








Simone Stolzoff photo courtesy of Bradly Cox. Arielle Pardes photo courtesy of the author.


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