Pride Panel 2024 (Online)

This event is being hosted live online and is free to watch. Please contact with questions regarding events.

In honor of PRIDE Month 2024, Book Passage is proud to uplift LGBTQ voices, stories and issues with a special panel discussion online June 18 at 5:30pm PT at The event will feature exciting new and established authors on the literary landscape discussing their writings, the importance of Queer books and their take on political and social issues within the community.

Whether you are part of the LBTQ community or an ally, this is a discussion you don’t want to miss! 


KB Brookins -
KB Brookins is a Black, queer, and trans writer, cultural worker, and visual artist from Texas. Their writing is featured in, HuffPost, Teen Vogue, Poetry Society of America, Oxford American, and elsewhere. KB’s poetry chapbook How To Identify Yourself with a Wound and their debut poetry collection Freedom House are also multiple award winning. KB’s debut memoir Pretty is now available.







Karl Dunn -

A multi-award-winning advertising Creative Director formerly based in LA, Karl's is a riches-to-rags journey. Feeling like a failure during his divorce - especially to the LGBTQ+ community - Karl sought out books to guide him on the complexities of gay divorce, only to find, as he puts it, "gay divorce was a desert. And I was a broken unicorn walking blindly through it." Frustrated by the lack of resources, he took matters into his own hands, deciding to write a book that would address the void and still be interesting to a general audience.





Laura Gao -

Laura Gao is a Chinese-American comics artist. Gao became famous when she released a short comic called "The Wuhan I Know" in response to the growing xenophobia in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The comic was later used as the basis for her graphic memoir called Messy Roots. Gao wasborn in Wuhan, China. While her parents moved to the United States to study, shestayed at Wuhan with her grandparents until she was four years old, after, she was ableto join her parents in the U.S. where she grew up in Texas. Upon graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, she accepted a position from Twitter in San Francisco.






Ann Pellegrini -

Ann Pellegrini is Professor of Performance Studies & Social and Cultural Analysis atNew York University, and a psychoanalyst in private practice in New York City. They write and teach on such topics as the queer possibilities of psychoanalysis; gender and performance; and religion, sexuality, and affect in U.S. public life. Their most recent book is Gender Without Identity,







Moderator -

Paula Farmer curates special programming with a focus on diversity and social justice on behalf of independent bookstores such as Book Passage, and for other organizations. She created the annual Race in America and Immigration in America events for Book Passage in 2018, and continues to host and moderate dozens of author events throughout the year. She has served on the DEI Committee for the American Bookseller’s Association (2021-2023). You can watch Paula’s interview series featuring authors, artists and activists on Instagram @paulawritesreviews.










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