Patricia Ravasio - The Girl from Spaceship Earth (San Francisco)

In Partnership with Buckminster Fuller Institute

The Girl from Spaceship Earth: A True Story is the true story of a lifelong passion to live up to the practical utopian ideas of iconic American genius R. Buckminster Fuller. An honest tell-all memoir about climbing out of comfort zones and finding your own voice to make a difference in the world. It also gives readers a charming introduction to the once famous Bucky, the inventor of Synergetic Geometry and geodesic dome, and whose unswerving faith in humanity sweeps the author off her feet.

In 1982 Chicago, a mind-blowing two-day interview with the iconic futurist leads an overeager wannabe journalist to promise she’ll share his urgent messages with the world, in time to help humanity awaken in time. When Fuller’s dire predictions come true on 9/11 she must face up to her commitment, which morphs into a fiery passion when she makes unsettling discoveries about Bucky's archives at Stanford. Her outsized passions threaten her relationships and her sanity.

And yet she persists. 

Patricia Ravasio has won awards for her radio reporting, advertising copywriting, real estate sales, and community volunteerism. She wrote a long-running weekly column for her community newspaper and pens occasional guest opinion pieces for the Marin Independent Journal, but this is her first book, inspired by her 1982 interviews with iconic genius R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983). Pat is the mother of three grown daughters and lives with her husband of thirty years in Corte Madera.


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