Pat Montandon - Peeing On Hot Coals

Thursday, September 25, 2014 - 7:00pm
This can’t-put-it-down coming of age memoir is dramatic and heart wrenching, as young Patsy Lou takes us on a journey through the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma and Texas at the time of out nation’s greatest environmental disaster. You will keep reading to find out what more could happen to this sweet child of the Great Depression after she endures severe burns down there at age seven when she pees on hot coals. As a result she suffers a type of genital mutilation that affects her entire life. And with it all, her delicious sense of humor is evident throughout Peeing On Hot Coals ($26.98). We laugh at the vivid description of her preacher dad, and a straight from the Bible Belt Mama and her eight siblings. From such humble beginnings and with little formal education Patsy Lou’s attitude of It Can be Done instilled in her the fearlessness to organize substantive meetings with world leaders in twenty-six countries.
Pat Montandon grew up in Oklahoma and Texas as the daughter of a Hell fire and brimstone preacher and a mother who demanded strict obedience to her and to religious strictures. Pat was a child of the Great Depression with a house full of siblings and an equal amount of fine brown sand from the Black Blizzards of the Dust Bowl. Eventually, with only a high school education, Pat used her agile mind and willingness to work and belief in herself to become a best selling author of five books. Later, she launched the International Children As The Peacemakers Foundation. That concept and the resultant journeys earned her the United Nations Peace Messenger Award and nominations for a Nobel Peace Prize.