Online Class: Wendy Walsh - Advanced Italian

Six Thursdays: January 20 - February 24, 2022

Hosted via Zoom • 9:00-10:30am PT • $205


This course continues with its text 100 DUBBI di GRAMMATICA ITALIANA, by Stefania Ruggeri and Fabrizio Ruggeri from ALMA Edizioni. The "dubbi" we will be covering include: essere vs avere, the agreement of past participles with direct object pronouns, the imperfect vs the passato prossimo, the use of "DA" vs "PER", the use of "prima che" vs "prima di" and "penso che" vs penso di".  We will also continue our reading of Italian history in the very readable book Che Storia, by Gabriele Pallotti e Giorgio Cavadi, from Bonacci Editore. Both books are available at Libreria Pino in SF (415) 242-5590.

Please contact Wendy Walsh at to receive syllabus and class information.

Wendy Walsh has a PhD in Italian Literature from UC Berkeley. She has been teaching Italian language and literature since 1979.