Online Class: John J. Geoghegan - How to Get Your Book Published

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Hosted via Zoom • 11:00am-2:00pm PT • $75


How to Get Your Book Published is designed to help writers improve their chance of getting their memoir, novel, or non-fiction book considered for publication by a reputable literary agent or publisher. The three hour course will cover:

  • How to find a literary agent
  • How to identify the right literary agent, editor, or publisher for your project
  • How to write a query letter
  • How to construct an elevator pitch
  • What publishers, editors, and literary agents look for in a submission
  • How to write a non-fiction book proposal
  • How to improve your chances of getting your submission looked at
  • What a standard industry book contract looks like
  • 5 rookie mistakes first timers make
  • Self-publishing, digital platforms, and what to watch out for
  • And much more

John J. Geoghegan began his career at Doubleday Publishers. In addition to serving as a Special Correspondent for the New York Times, he has worked as an editor and writer in both the magazine and newspaper industries as well as is the author of three, non-fiction books: Operation Storm: Japan’s Top Secret Submarines and Its Plan to Change the Course of WWIIHear Today, Gone Tomorrow: A True Story of Love, Hearing Loss, Heartbreak, and Redemption; and When Giants Ruled the Sky: The Brief Reign and Tragic Demise of the American Rigid Airship.


What students are saying about John J. Geoghegan:

"As a writer, I’ve benefited from John’s wisdom through four books. A master at understanding how to meet reader expectations, John zeroes in on a writer’s intention, applauds what's going right, and nails that unnecessary bit of exposition or missed opportunity to drive the story forward."
—K. M., author of eight commercially published novels