Molly Giles with Susanne Pari - Life Span (Corte Madera Store)

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Molly Giles
In conversation with Susanne Pari

Life Span
Impressions of a Lifetime Spent Crossing and Recrossing the Golden Gate Bridge

Corte Madera Store
Thurs., June 6th, 2024 • 6:00pm PT

This event is free to attend and will be hosted in-person at Book Passage's Corte Madera Store. Please contact with questions regarding events.


Life Span: Impressions of a Lifetime Spent Crossing and Recrossing the Golden Gate Bridgea memoir in flash form, is the first book of nonfiction from award-winning fiction author Molly Giles, and a rare pleasure for her admirers—old and new. Giles distills her experiences of crossing the Golden Gate Bridge since that first sunny day in 1945 when she rode from San Francisco to Sausalito in a moving van with her father who had just returned home from fighting in World War II. Readers travel with her, as every transit yields an insight, an expectation, a regret, or a challenge in the life of a woman whose steadfast love of writing fuels her way. In this story of a woman with brains and desires, Giles details her journey as a writer, narrating the complexities of ambition, hope, betrayal, love, and wild joys. Smart, buoyant, and funny, not least at her own expense, Life Span is for everyone who loves good writing and cares about the perseverance of a woman who dares follow her heart’s ambition.


 Molly Giles has published five award-winning story collections: Rough Translations, Creek Walk, Bothered, All the Wrong Places, Wife with Knife; and two novels: Iron Shoes and The Home for Unwed Husbands.

She taught Creative Writing for many years at both San Francisco State University and the University of Arkansas. She was born in San Francisco and lives in Woodacre. 
Find her online at and Facebook @mollygiles.

Susanne Pari's most recent novel, IN THE TIME OF OUR HISTORY, examines the entangled lives of an Iranian American family grappling with generational culture clashes and the rebellion of its women. It was an IndieNext pick, Target Book Club pick, a 2023 Women’s National Book Association Group Reads Selection, a Book Browse 2023 Best Books Selection, a Minnesota Public Radio 2023 Best Pick, and a Hoopla Spotlight Selection. 

“Molly Giles‘s memoir Life Span is a must-read for fans of her fiction, and will no doubt garner her many new readers. Often shockingly truthful and characteristically wry, Giles provides connected vignettes of her relationships with her parents, lovers, husbands, children, and grandchildren, a life span of reflections on her desire for and disappointments in many forms of love. But one abiding love sustains her and drives her forward—her writing. And it is her intuitions about storytelling that enable her to weave together recognition of what is indeed true and deeply felt.”

—Amy Tan


Molly Giles - photo courtesy of the publicist. Susanne Pari photo credit Irene Young.



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