Maneesha James - The Art of Living & Dying

Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 7:00pm

Why are we afraid of death? Should we tell someone they are dying? Is reincarnation true? With depth, clarity, compassion, and even humor, Osho answers the questions we all have about this most sacred of mysteries and offers practical guidance for meditation and support. In The Art of Living and Dying ($19.95), he reveals not only that our fear of death is based on a misunderstanding, but that dying is an opportunity for inner growth. When life is lived consciously and totally, death is not a catastrophe but a joyous climax.

Born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 1947, Maneesha James graduated  in General Nursing, Midwifery, and Psychiatry. Meeting the Indian mystic, Osho, in 1974 unexpectedly changed the entire course of her life. Appointed by him as his chief editor, James was also lucky enough to be the guinea pig in Osho's early experimentation with meditative methods, a member of his emergency medical team, and the reader-of-questions (on behalf of his people and other seekers) in his daily public discourses. Under the name of Juliet Forman she wrote what he referred to as the 'historical documentation' of his work in the form of a trilogy.

Osho is one of the best-known and most provocative spiritual teachers of our time. The Sunday Times of London has named him one of the "1,000 makers of the 20th century"; the novelist Tom Robbins has called him "the most dangerous man since Jesus Christ." More than two decades after his death in 1990, the influence of his teachings continues to grow, reaching seekers around the world. 


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By Osho
ISBN: 9781780285313
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Published: Watkins Publishing - June 1st, 2013

Why are we afraid of death? What is acceptance in the face of cancer? How do I decide whose advice to take? How to relax in the certainty of death? Ought we to tell someone when they are dying or not? Is the theory of reincarnation true? What is happening around the dying? How best to support a dying person? My young daughter is asking about death: what do I tell her?