Left Coast Writers®: Jonathan Taylor - The Rites of Passage (Corte Madera Store)

Saturday, October 13, 2018 - 7:00pm

Left Coast Writers® Book Launch

Jamie Goldberg suspects his homosexuality at an early age and manages to hide it from his homophobic ’70’s Detroit Community; his Jewish political activist parents; and even from himself until his rape, at the hands of a male prostitute, at the age of 15. Profoundly ashamed, he hides in two worlds one is a beautiful cocoon spun from music, art, theater and literature, another is darker with a sado-masochistic desire to obliterate his sexuality. His elaborate fantasies are no match for real life or his true affections, which blossom in spite of his constant attempts to thwart them. When his carefully constructed imaginary world begins to crumble, Jamie must face his demons, both real and invented, discovering in the end that personal discovery comes at a very high price. But even the most challenged, when they dare to cast away labels, deserve a moment or two of grace.

Set in Detroit during the 1980’s. The Rites of Passage is meant to appeal and also provoke the LGBT, Jewish, Progressive, alternative sexuality, and the Arts-loving communities and is particularly relevant to a new generation of gender and sexuality related options and politics for adults and young adults alike.

Jonathan A. Taylor is a San Francisco-based writer and designer. He is a leading designer for creating user-friendly technology and has worked for companies such as Google, Nokia, IBM, and GE, as well as for the Dutch design bureaus Informaat and Stroomt Interactions. Jonathan has published two books on software design. The Rites of Passage is the first installment of a multi-volume series, The Goldberg Variations.



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