Laura Smith Borrman - Iconic San Francisco Dishes, Drinks, & Desserts (San Francisco Store)

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The roots of San Francisco's celebrated food and drink culture are as diverse as the city itself. A bountiful ocean, rich soil and ingenious residents combined to create unforgettable and enduring gastronomic legacies. In Iconic San Francisco Dishes, Drinks & Desserts, readers will discover the disputed origins of local specialties like the Chicken Tetrazzini, chop suey and the classic martini, along with the legend behind the creation of Green Goddess Dressing. Learn how the abundance of the bay contributed to classics like the Hangtown Fry and Cioppino. Marvel at the introduction of America's first fortune cookie by Benkyodo Candy Factory and how a lack of refrigeration spawned the iconic Anchor Steam Beer. Pile the guacamole on a Mission Burrito and grab an Its-It for dessert. With classic and modern recipes from beloved establishments, author Laura Smith Borrman brings these and other culinary stories to life.



1 Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA 94111
Iconic San Francisco Dishes, Drinks & Desserts (American Palate) By Laura Smith Borrman, Brandon Borrman (Photographer) Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781625859587
Published: History Press - August 13th, 2018