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Saturday, September 7, 2019 - 1:00pm

On January 25, 2015, in Sonoma, California, Larry Bearg--white, educated, middle-aged, and middle class--was arrested for growing medical marijuana. Before he was even charged with a crime, the police emptied his bank accounts, considered seizing his home, and paraded him, handcuffed, in front of his neighbors. Bearg was outraged. What about being innocent until proven guilty? What about his rights?

Three months later, in North Charleston, South Carolina, Walter Scott, a black man, was shot and killed during a traffic stop while fleeing from the officer who shot him. The story made national headlines. What about his rights?

In Wake-Up Call, a well-researched and deeply personal book, Bearg searches to understand how his rights, Walter Scott's rights, and the rights of all Americans, no matter their race, have changed beyond recognition over the past fifty years--and how police have accumulated extraordinary new powers at our expense, selectively enforcing the law by granting us privileges rather than honoring our rights. What makes Wake-Up Call unique, compelling, and timely is that Bearg concludes with concrete suggestions about what citizens can do to reclaim the freedoms provided to us in our Constitution before it's too late, preserving the Rights we hold most dear in our country.

Larry Bearg, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, has worked with young mentally ill young adults, founded two award-winning businesses in the Bay Area, and written plays and fiction. He raised two children in Sonoma, Ca. and currently lives in Richmond, Ca. and Orcas Island, Wa. This is his first non-fiction book. He is currently at work on a new book exploring the evolution of human brain and how that connects to our spirituality, guides our behavior, and creates the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of our world.

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