Karine Jean-Pierre - Moving Forward (San Francisco Ferry Building Store)

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 - 6:00pm

In conversation with Paula Farmer

So many of us harbor pent-up anger about the political climate and the actions of those in power, yet politics seems like terra incognita. What can we do—and how? Karine Jean-Pierre implicitly understands our frustration. This former Obama White House staffer, now the chief public affairs officer for MoveOn.org, was not born into the privileged ruling class. The naturalized daughter of Haitian immigrants, she is an openly gay woman of color. Her own political awakening came relatively late—while in graduate school—and her political education and path to activism followed an unusual learning curve. In her inspiring memoir-slash-call-to-arms, Moving Forward, Jean-Pierre offers a timely manifesto for progressive change.

“Perhaps you’ve never voted and need friendly encouragement,” Jean-Pierre writes. “Perhaps you are embarrassed to admit you don’t know how to register to vote. Maybe you keep up with the news but don’t understand the core differences between Democrats and Republicans. Maybe you have a yearning to run for office yourself but need guidance. I’m here to help. Everyone, regardless of their age, their socioeconomic status, their location, their education, has something unique to offer. My goal in writing this book is not just to tell my story, but to show that politics can be accessible to anyone who wants to take part, no matter how or where they grew up or how young or old they might be.”

As she chronicles her own life story—born in Martinique and raised in Queens and on Long Island by hardworking immigrant parents—Jean-Pierre knows she speaks for the millions of people who do not have a voice in our society. Woven into the details of her unique, yet in many ways universal experience, she offers step-by-step, specific and practical advice for getting involved in progressive causes. She explains the difference between policy and politics and how engagement in making society more just and fair doesn’t always mean working with a politician. Jean-Pierre believes there has been a sea change in this country, making millions of people want to engage in politics as never before. In the age of Donald Trump, the need for all of us to participate has never been more crucial, she says, and together we will create positive change.

Karine Jean-Pierre's professional experience has ranged widely from presidential campaigns to grassroots activism, to local politics, to working in the White House. Jean-Pierre is the Chief Public Affairs Officer for MoveOn and an MSNBC Political Analyst. In 2011, Jean-Pierre served as Deputy Battleground States Director for President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign, managing the President's political engagement in key states while leading the delegate selection and ballot access process. Before joining the re-election campaign, Jean-Pierre served as the Regional Political Director for the White House Office of Political Affairs. She received her MPA from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) in 2005 and joined its faculty in 2014. She lives in Washington, D.C.

In addition to being a buyer and an event host for Book Passage, Paula Farmer curates and moderates special panel events for the store focusing on social and political issue of our time: Race in America & Immigration in America. She comes from a print and broadcast journalism background. Her most recent articles are featured on Culture Vulture online arts magazine and her own website, paulafarmer.com.

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"One of the most important voices of her generation." --Joy-Ann Reid

"A useful roadmap for all of us about how to make a difference." --David Axelrod

"Moving Forward will inspire you." --Valerie Jarrett