Jessica Buchleitner - 50 Women Book One

50 Women, Book One is the first book in a two part anthology series featuring personal stories of strength and perseverance told by 50 different women from 30 countries. In the 30 individual stories included in Book One, Jessica Buchleitner shares the stories of women who discuss their unique experiences of overcoming obstacles concerning political, cultural and societal issues, armed conflict, gender based violence, immigration and health afflictions. Many of their stories challenge common stereotypes and provide living historical accounts of the densely complicated political and societal issues of our time.

Jessica Buchleitner is a journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area covering global women’s issues. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Women’s Intercultural Network, a United Nations ECOSOC consultative non-governmental organization.


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50 Women: Book One By Jessica Buchleitner Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780990337508
Published: Nikita Publishing - June 12th, 2014