Jeremy Cantor - Wisteria From Seed

The poems in Jeremy Cantor's debut collection, Wisteria from Seed—which recount escapes (of Boston terriers, fishing lures, and Warsaw grandparents), losses, longings, memories (like the blade of grass that becomes a harp string linking boy and girl), and events unseen yet known—turn on the experience of loving and being loved.  Jeremy Cantor’s poems, which strike chords at once tender and unsentimental, will find roots in the reader’s soul. He is a poet who creates intricate and resonant images through the simplest of details 

Jeremy Cantor began writing poetry shortly before retiring from a career in laboratory chemistry. He has cleared tables and washed dishes, made and tested detergents, pharmaceuticals and engine oil additives, driven a forklift, spent time in a full-body acid-proof hazmat suit, tried to keep his fingers working in a walk-in freezer at -40°F and worked behind radiation shielding. He prefers writing.


51 Tamal Vista Blvd
Corte Madera, CA 94925