Jennifer Steil - The Ambassador's Wife

Saturday, August 22, 2015 - 4:00pm

From her own personal experiences as an ambassador's wife, Jennifer Steil creates a harrowing tale about the kidnapping of an American woman in the Middle East and the heartbreaking choices she and her husband must make in the hope of being reunited. When bohemian artist Miranda falls in love with Finn, the British ambassador to an Arab country, she finds herself thrust into a life full of unexpected changes. Trailed everywhere by bodyguards to protect her from the dangers of a country wracked by civil war and forced to give up work she loves, she finds her world shattered when she is taken hostage. As the novel weaves together the past and present, we come to see how Finn and Miranda's secrets they have each sought to hide have placed them and those who trust them in peril. Suspenseful and moving, The Ambassador's Wife is a story of love, marriage, and friendship tested by impossible choices.

Jennifer Steil is the author of the memoir The Woman Who Fell From the Sky, which focuses on her experiences as a journalist living in Yemen. Before moving to Yemen in 2006, she was a senior editor at The Week, which she helped to launch in 2001. She currently lives in Bolivia, where her husband is a European Union ambassador.

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ISBN: 9780385539029
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Published: Doubleday Books - July 28th, 2015