Holly & Dixie James - Holly (San Francisco Store)

Monday, September 24, 2018 - 6:00pm

From the beginning, Holly James had to "fight" to live. Dixie James feared her daughter would not survive because she not only was born with Down syndrome, she was born with heart disease. Her tiny baby suffered with heart failure often and Kaiser Hospital became their second home until she had open heart surgery. Dixie cried every day and yearned to stop hurting. Feelings of depression and helplessness consumed her. She needed to reclaim control.

Holly is about discovery -- by watching Holly overcome her struggles, and she had many -- she made Dixie feel she could overcome her sense of loss and sea of sadness. Dixie needed a plan and a reason to celebrate happy moments to share with others. Change began to happen when she followed her compulsion to get out of her house and just walk. Dixie's mind became calmer and still from over- thinking what the future holds. Her walking took her away from the pulsating fears that crept into her when she was holding her baby girl. Being alone and taking time to walk brought a piece of contentment, time to think and time to develop faith in herself.

Here, James takes the reader on a journey into the challenges a mother faces with the birth of a child with Down syndrome. The book begins with the question, "Do we want to have children?," and takes the reader to the following areas of Holly's and Dixie's life: getting pregnant, giving birth, driving to Sonoma State Hospital, bonding in strong love, going to cooperative nursery school, public and special education, attending sex education classes, leaving home, living in a group home, living independently, working five days a week, finding the love of one's life and getting 'married.'

Throughout this journey, mother and daughter "raise" each other's personal pursuits beyond their expectations.


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ISBN: 9781457507236
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Published: Dog Ear Publishing - October 19th, 2011

(A tribute to my daughter while on a journey growing and changing together)