Hidden Gems of Art in Italy with Kerrin Meis

Hidden Gems of Art in Italy

Two Fridays -  June 28 & July 12, 2024
1:00PM-3:00PM PT

Corte Madera Store
$120 for both, $65 for one session


Join Kerrin Meis for this special, two-part presentation on the many excursions she made with her brother-in-law from his home in San Giusto. We will discover many masterpieces- some in tiny villages, others in better-known cities and churches. From Benedetto Antelami's tiny stone plaque in the Cathedral in Parma where we had gone to admire the famous ceiling fresco, to Piero della Francesca's Madonna del Parto in a tiny chapel in the village of Monterchi, to Caravaggio's Madonna and the Pilgrims tucked away in the mostly ignored Church of San Agostino in Rome.

Every trip was an adventure of discovery: A little known church at the edge of town in San Gimignano, a private museum in Milano, the most important but little visited attraction in Verona, Vicenza's fascinating field trip, papal Pienza, and a tiny chapel in Assisi. Perugia has some stunning art work including a palace museum and an underground city. Modena, famous as the home of Ferraris and Luciano Pavarotti has a Duomo with an absolutely captivating Romanesque facade. In Orvieto, the cathedral is home not only to Signorelli's Last Judgment but some intriguing portraits.

These and many more surprises await us beginning with the city of Udine, a place that is a work of art in itself, then on to Castiglione Olona where Masolino, famous for his work in Rome painted murals for the Collegiata and elsewhere.

Kerrin Meis taught art history at SFSU for ten years and has led study tours in Europe. Her Book Passage classes have been favorites for years.


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