Gerald Fleming & Barbara Swift Brauer - An Evening with 16 Rivers Press

Saturday, April 6, 2013 - 7:00pm

Two authors from 16 Rivers Press share their latest work:

Barbara Swift Brauer’s At Ease in the Borrowed World is a collection of poems that are unflinchingly candid and yet graceful. Quiet in tone, her poetry rises to a level that captivates a reader by its clarity.

In The Choreographer, Gerald Fleming travels across continents and time with an eye that sees beyond the visible and an ear that hears music both real and imagined. In piece after piece, the ordinary world opens to reveal the marvelous in all its dimensions and variety.

Sixteen Rivers Press was founded in 1999 by seven San Francisco Bay Area writers with a goal to create a sustainable, shared-work publishing collective run by and for Bay Area poets. The original model was Alice James Books, which in the 1970s created a regional collective press in the Boston area. 


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