Eric Torney - Marinship (Sausalito)

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 6:00pm

Eric Torney's most recent movie, Marinship: World's Most Amazing Shipyard, is the result of a passion he have developed due to the discovery of a trove of historic material about the shipyard. This totally nonfiction, not for profit, and not for sale video made on a zero budget tells the amazing story of how a shipyard was hastily built in Sausalito during the opening months of the United States of America's involvement in WWII to fulfill a dire need for cargo ships. The U. S. Maritime Commission had the onerous task of replacing cargo ships which were being sunk by German Wolf Pack U Boats at a rate approaching 80 per month (on some days 4 ships were sunk). A shipyard was requested for the West Coast. The Sausalito site was chosen because the recently opened Golden Gate Bridge had caused the demise and closure of the local NWP Commuter Railroad, leaving a fully operable rail transportation system with an adjacent deep water channel originally used by the NWP ferry boats. On 28 March, 1942 construction was begun on a vacant mudflat. Three months later a cargo ship's keel was laid on a not yet complete shipway. Amazingly, six months after construction began on the mudflat a ship was launched. The movie tells this amazing story.

Eric Torney is a 4th generation California native. His great great grandfather, Charles Fardon Langley, arrived in San Francisco in 1851, after an ocean voyage from New York to San Francisco as crew on the famous Clipper Ship Flying Cloud. Charles had booked passage with his cargo of medicine to sell to gold miners. The Flying Cloud made the passage in the world record time of 89 days. Charles set up a tent near what today is Union Square and sold his entire cargo in one day. The company Charles founded, after several buyouts, today is McKesson. Living in Marin all of his life, Eric graduated from Kent School, Redwood High School, College of Marin, and U.C. Berkeley. Now a retired remodeling contractor living in Greenbrae he volunteers at Sausalito Historical Society and has produced several exhibits featuring Marinship.

100 Bay Street
Sausalito, CA 94965