Dr. Christina Campbell - Dance of Psyche (Sausalito)

Sunday, February 19, 2017 - 1:00pm

Dance of Psyche: Rhythm of Consciousness is about the emotional/spiritual conditions of our times. Readers describe the book as intelligent, insightful, passionate and sensitive. It is education about collective trauma and a message for peace. The author combines her knowlege as a trauma psycholgist and healing artist. The book was written over a thirty-year period of time. It is art, psychology, politics and spirituality.

 Rhythm is described as a gateway to the collective unconscious and dreams. She critiques the hurry-up rhythm/bottom line mentality and it's effect on health and freedom---alienation,violence, war and potential holocaust; thus, giving insights into collective trauma. Through her dances and dreams, she brings a message about survival.

Modern man moving fast in time,
Where are you going?
Where is your heart?
Beating to external rhythms
Believing bigger is better,
More is better,
Precise, explicit, splits you into parts
Each moving precisely
Separating you from yourself and others
Win the mechanical heart, survive nuclear war
Build more bombs to create peace.

Dr. Christina Campbell has 50 years experience in the health care field as educator/consultant, researcher, and clinician: psychologist and nurse. She received her B.S.in Nursing in 1968 from the University of Florida. She worked as a nurse at manyteaching hospitals in pediatrics, medicine and psychiatry. Her interestswas in helping patients cope with stress and trauma. Her research was in studying the relationship between stress and health and illness. She received a grant to conduct a study in Play prepartions for children undergoing a cardiac catheterizaiton procedures. Additional research projects were related to studying the stress of the staff working on an adolescent psychiatric unit and a treatment evaluation study of hospice patients, particulary looking at family dynamics and illness. She helped many nurses develop research studies as part of a national education grant.

She received her M.S. in Community Health Nursin in 1977. Afterwards taught Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing at University of San Francisco and San Francisco State University.She received her Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the the University of San Francisco in 1982. She interned at a clinic for dual diagnosis/ addiction, trauma at the Sausalito and San Francisco professional clinics. She received her clinical specialist credental in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing in 1982 and was licensed as a Psychologist in 1992. Afterwards taught integral health and psychology at CIIS and John F. Kennedy University.

Inspired by the vitality in Greek music and dance, she studied and performed ethnic dances including classical Persian, Arabic, Flaminko, Egytian, Tunisian, Turkish, and Greek dance. She has integrated dance and dance therapy throughout her career. Her passion combines trauma psychology and dance as healing art. Through rhythm in dance and through her dreams, she brings a message about survival.

Christina creates and performs authentic dance pieces based on psychological issues and perspectives, such as her moving and profound works, "Dances of Psyche." In Guernica she treats violence, trauma, and alienation in society. Named after Picasso painting of the Nazi invasion of Spain, Guernca converys the horror of war, and was fortelling of the neo-nazi movement. In her Dance of Gentle Sorrow, she expresses grief and rage at the loss of life and child. In her Fire Dance, she celebrates the natural forms and forces of fire and wind.

She is presently in private practice in Sausalito, California.


100 Bay St.
Sausalito, CA 94965