Deep Travel Anthology: Souvenirs from the Inner Journey (Corte Madera Store)

"A Deep Travel Workshop takes us to remote places, introduces us to marvelous characters, and then lets each of us find our own way as we write." —Tim Cahill, author of Hold the Enlightenment

Deep Travel has led writers from the Himalayan peaks of Nepal to the Saharan sands of Morocco, from the jungles of Mexico to the gitano caves in Spain. Just as compelling as the exterior landscapes we travel are the interior landscapes we encounter—the terrain of our own thoughts and emotions.  The writers in this anthology address both inner and outer adventures through stories, poems, and vignettes that are as informative as a travelogue yet as revelatory as a journal. During our trips we collect many things—cactus silk scarves, handfuls of tin milagros—but the best souvenirs lie within this book: the observations, insights, and reflections that form the heart of Deep Travel.


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