David Sax - The Soul of an Entrepreneur (Zoom Livestream)

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 5:00pm

Wednesday, May 6, 5:00pm • Free Zoom Livestream Event • Presented with Shack 15
In Conversation with Jon Steinberg

We're often told that we're living amidst a startup boom. Typically, we think of apps built by college kids and funded by venture capital firms, which remake fortunes and economies overnight. But in reality, most new businesses are things like restaurants or hair salons. Entrepreneurs aren't all millennials—more often, it's their parents. And those small companies are the fabric of our economy.

The Soul of an Entrepreneur is a business book of a different kind, exploring our work but also our passions and hopes. David Sax reports on the deeply personal questions of entrepreneurship: why an immigrant family risks everything to build a bakery; how a small farmer fights to manage his debt; and what it feels like to rise and fall with a business you built for yourself.

This book is the real story of entrepreneurship. It confronts both success and failure, and shows how they can change a human life. It captures the inherent freedom that entrepreneurship brings, and why it matters.

David Sax is a writer, reporter, and speaker who specializes in business and culture. His previous book, The Revenge of Analog, was a #1 Washington Post bestseller, was selected as one of Michiko Kakutani's Top Ten books of 2016 for the New York Times, and has been translated into six languages. He is the author of Save the Deli, which won a James Beard award, and The Tastemakers. He lives in Toronto.

Jon Steinberg is the creative director of Epic Digital, a publishing and production company owned by Vox Media. He is the former editor-in-chief of San Francisco magazine, winner of the 2018 National Magazine Award for General Excellence, and was previously a staff editor at New York magazine, NYmag.com, and Time Inc.

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ISBN: 9781541736009
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Published: PublicAffairs - April 21st, 2020

An award-winning business writer dismantles the myths of entrepreneurship, replacing them with an essential story about the experience of real business owners in the modern economy.