Corte Madera Class: Louann Brizendine - The Female Brain through the Lifespan

The Female Brain through the Lifespan

Saturday, September 30

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Join bestselling author and neuropsychiatrist Dr. Louann Brizendine for a half-day workshop about the female brain. Learn about how the female brain is formed, the teen girl brain, the brain during pregnancy, hormones and mood during the menstrual cycle and perimenopause, and the transformation of the female brain after menopause. Discover the inner-working, possibilities, and opportunities that women are offered over their lifetimes.




Dr. Louann Brizendine (BRIZ en dine), M.D. completed her degree in Neurobiology at UC Berkeley, graduated from Yale School of Medicine and did her internship and residency at Harvard Medical School. She has also served on both the faculties of Harvard University and University of California at San Francisco. She founded the Women’s Mood and Hormone Clinic at UCSF. Her NY Times best seller: The Female Brain and its follow-up, The Male Brain continue to be read around the world. Her new book THE UPGRADE: How the Female Brain Gets Stronger and Better in Midlife and Beyond was released on April 19, 2022.



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