Corte Madera Class: Laura Barker - Declutter Your Camera Roll: How to Organize Photos on Your iPhone

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Declutter Your Camera Roll: How to Organize Photos on Your iPhone

Thursday, October 12, 2023
10:30AM -12:30PM Pacific Time

Corte Madera Store - $80



Are you overwhelmed with the ever-increasing mass of photos on your iPhone? 

We all know the struggle of snapping pics left and right, only to end up with chaos in our camera rolls and the endless scrolling to find specific shots.

In this class, you will learn how to declutter and organize the photos on your iPhone so you can easily find, enjoy and share them. A curated camera roll will also save you time and frustration while freeing up storage space.

In this course you will learn: 

  • how to assess and sort through your photos and say goodbye to duplicates and blurry shots. 
  • how to create albums and folders like a pro, so you can easily find those adorable pics of little ones or those fun vacation snapshots. 
  • the magic of tagging and labeling your photos. Imagine effortlessly searching for specific pics just by typing a keyword.  
  • bonus: some fancy AI-powered features that can do some of the organizing for you. 
  • how to maintain your picture-perfect camera roll. No more clutter creeping back in! 

Bring your iPhone with the latest update installed and get hands-on help decluttering and organizing your photos and videos.


Laura Barker is a lifelong photographer and a professional Photo Organizer with a passion for preserving stories through photos. She enjoys teaching others how to curate their photos and believes every family should have their best photos organized in an accessible, searchable collection where they can easily be found, shared and enjoyed. 

As the founder of, Laura helps those overwhelmed with their mass of photos and videos. A Bay Area native, Laura grew up in a large family in Orinda, went to school at UCLA and then developed her passion for photography while living in Florence, Italy.  Laura resides in Alameda and has two grown daughters who appreciate being able to pull up any photo from their childhood on demand from their phone.



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