Corte Madera Class: Britta Stromeyer Esmail - Less is More! Writing Micro Fiction

Less is More! Writing Micro Fiction

Sunday - January 21, 2024
11:30am-1:30pm Pacific Time

Corte Madera Store • $80


Dive into the world of flash fiction, where every word matters and every sentence packs a punch. Welcome to the universe of micro fiction, where the power of storytelling meets the art of brevity. In this class, you will:

  • Learn to create vivid, compact narratives that captivate readers in just a few hundred words. 
  • Discover the art of telling big stories in small spaces. 
  • Explore the beauty of condensed storytelling and discover how to convey emotion, character, and plot in the blink of an eye.
  • Learn the essential techniques, structures, and stylistic elements that set exceptional flash fiction apart. 
  • Hone your editing skills and discover how to make every word count. 
  • Refine your prose, and transform your rough drafts into polished gems. 
  • Explore opportunities to submit your flash fiction to literary magazines and anthologies, and learn the ins and outs of sharing your stories with the world. 

Whether you aspire to craft standalone micro-stories or use this form to enrich your longer works, this course will equip you with the skills to create concise, impactful narratives that leave a lasting impression.


Britta is the author of two children’s books, Look at Me. Who Do You See? and Raina’s (UN) Happy Birthday. Her flash fiction appears in Bending Genres Journal. She was a finalist for the Bellingham Review Tobias Wolff Award for Fiction 2021. She is a teaching artist at Marin School of the Arts, CA, a member of the National Writing Project Council, Page Street, & PEN, and SCBWI. A former editor for Tuxedo Literature & Arts & FastForward Magazine, she holds an MFA from Dominican University, CA, a Masters in International Communication from American University, and a Certificate in Novel Writing from Stanford University.


What students are saying about Britta: 

Britta was thoughtful and full of wisdom. This class was inspiring and thought provoking.  I left inspired and full of possibility!
- Rebecca R.

As the first writing class I ever took, Britta’s workshop was an excellent way to kickstart my writing efforts. The rapidly paced and diverse prompt-writing exercises were challenging, thought-provoking and fun at the same time.
- Laurie W


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