Connie Josefs - The Unsaid Thing: Silence in Memoir | Session I: Text and Subtext

The Unsaid Thing: Silence in Memoir
Two Sessions: Saturdays, March 4th & 11th • 1:00pm - 3:30pm PT
$125 single session; $200 both sessions

Session I: Text and Subtext
March 4th, 1:00pm - 3:30pm PT

Online • Live • $125 single session; $200 both sessions



“It’s not the notes you play, it’s the notes you don’t play.” — Miles Davis


We come to memoir with a wealth of anecdotes and life experience. With so much to say, it’s easy to forget the power of silence: the unsaid thing in a moment of dialogue, the unspoken theme that shimmers beneath the page. These are moments that haunt our stories and create a lasting impression in the mind of the reader.

-    What makes a moment of story memorable?

-    Where does silence live on the page?

-    What can we learn about silence from poetry and the lyric essay?

-    How does the unspoken create space for the reader to engage?


In this workshop, writers will explore the role of silence in crafting memoir. We will consider how the unspoken impacts the tone of our stories and is an effective tool in capturing the reader’s attention.

* Class format consists of advance reading, lecture, discussion and writing exercises. Classes will be recorded and video replay will be available for a limited time. 


Connie Josefs is a writer, teacher and memoir coach. She leads workshops in memoir and fiction writing and has taught at UNM Albuquerque, Santa Monica College, Southwest Writers and The Taos Writers Conference. She holds an MFA in fiction from Antioch LA and has worked as a writer and story analyst for film and television. More at

What Students Are Saying about Connie Josefs

"The class went above and beyond my expectations! Connie is gifted in approach, connection,
and content. – Erin P.

"Connie was clear and specific, answered questions thoughtfully and had us do writing
exercises in each segment. She is an excellent teacher. I feel so much better equipped to work
on my memoir now." – Ruth M.

"The class totally met my expectations – so rich in content and experience." – Joan L.

"Connie’s class surpassed my expectations. The instructor is deeply knowledgeable and wove
many helpful concepts and exercises together to great effect." – Athena K.



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