Class: Selena Bartlett - Rewired for Life (Corte Madera Store)

Saturday, July 14, 2018 - 10:00am

Saturday July 14 • 10am-1pm • $120

Every person has the ability to learn how to overcome adversity or stress in their life by managing their emotional reactions and teaching the brain to be more resilient. This is something the brain can learn at any time. We have all heard about the role of a growth mindset in personal success and learning. That is, mindsets are not fixed but can grow. That is if you keep trying you will eventually get better. A key missing piece is knowing that a stressed out brain makes it difficult to develop a growth and resilient mindset. Dr Bartlett is a neuroscientist that has studied the brain for 25 years and has seen the brain’s great capacity to form new brain cells and change and learn forever. She has studied the role stress and adversity and its impact on the brain’s wiring and what it takes to help the brain to learn to become resilient. Because neurons that fire together wire together, this means a stressed brain becomes hard-wired and fixed over time. Therefore a resilient growth mindset starts with learning more about the brain, your mindset and how to turn stress-emotional reactions into healthier solutions. This workshop is all about learning the key brain steps that can take stress and turn it into a resilient mindset.

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Selena Bartlett, Ph.D., is a group leader in neuroscience and obesity and a Professor at the Queensland University of Technology. Dr Bartlett has delivered many lectures, seminars, and workshops on the stress and its effects on the brain. She has written more than eighty scientific papers in neuroscience and therapeutics.

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