Class: John Hart - Poetry, Anyone?

photo of poet and poetry teacher John Hart

Eight Mondays: Sep 9 – Oct 28, 2019 • 7:00 - 9:00 pm • $225

Let’s admit it: Not all poetry is equally interesting. Some poems grab the reader right away and don’t let go. Others are tricky but have their hidden rewards. Still others just lie there. But which is which? We read a handful of poems, old and new, each week and then have fun disagreeing about them. “If you like poetry,” a repeat participant says, “you’ll enjoy this class. If you don’t know if you like poetry, you’ll enjoy this class." If you think you don't know anything about poetry, you are likely to be very surprised. Widely published local poet, author, and editor of the poetry journal Blue Unicorn,

John Hart is a seasoned teacher with deep knowledge and love of poetry from every era. 

What Students Are Saying about John Hart

"Minimum effort; maximum benefit. Nothing serious, yet mentally engaging.” – Rick Holderness   

“Whether we are a lifelong readers of poetry or remember only [a poem] memorized in third grade, this class is a delightful way to read poems together. John Hart is the ideal leader. There is never a sense that any poet or poem is something we “should” like. John encourages our honest reactions to whatever we find baffling or captivating, whatever we find beautiful, moving, or downright irritating.” – Penny Wright

“There is no other place where I feel so deeply nourished by the esthetic experience of hearing and appreciating poetry. John provides a wealth of biographical and historical background and encourages our own analysis and appreciation, which allows us to “dig deep” and bring to awareness important aspects of our own experience of life.” – Nani Ranken


51 Tamal Vista Blvd
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