Class: David Kunhardt & Peter Joseph - Climate Change: Present Realities and Promising Solutions

Saturday, February 23, 2019 - 10:00am

Saturday February 23 • 10:00 am - 12:00 pm • Free

Free presentation, please email to secure your space

The climate crisis has arrived much earlier and with more ferocity than predicted, indicating that it’s accelerating towards tipping points of no return. Yet the global political process remains mired in ineffectiveness, while the rest of humanity searches for solutions as individuals, corporations, cities, counties, and states. 

What’s the single missing ingredient that would facilitate those efforts worldwide? 

It’s simple. As long as fossil fuels remain artificially “cheap,” their use — somewhere — is inevitable. The global problem of excessive atmospheric carbon can be solved only with a global solution: a global price on carbon.  Rapid "demand destruction” can be accomplished only by raising fossil fuel prices globally in an equitable, effective and efficient fashion that’s fair, popular, and politically durable. That means giving the revenues back to citizens so they tolerated higher prices while competition for lower carbon products and processes proceeds. The global trading system in which all nations participate becomes the vehicle that induces cooperation. 

Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a nonpartisan, national volunteer organization, advocates a revenue neutral, fully refunded carbon fee, dividend, and border carbon duty. Their decade of relentless, respectful work with Congress has just been rewarded with the historic introduction of the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, HR 7173.  It will be reintroduced in February 2019. 

This class will focus on the current alarming data and our best hope for activating and empowering the myriad creative solutions arising from humanity’s yearning to avoid catastrophe. We must start by fixing the market failure that “externalizes” the real costs of fossil fuels, thus harnessing the world economy to work for civilization’s survival rather than its destruction. 

Learn why you really want this legislation to pass and how you can help! 


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