Class: Alice Acheson - Your Book--What's Next?

Saturday, September 20, 2014 - 10:00am to 5:00pm
Sat., Sept. 20 • 10:00-5:00 pm • $150
Pre-class assignment required.
Right!  You love the writing, don't like the marketing.  You don't know what comes next, or how to accomplish what is required, and when to do what.  Publishing has made a quantum shift, and your head is spinning.  Writers more than ever need to know how to interact with the industry.  This class pertains to self-publishing, print-on-demand or the traditional publisher.  A publishing contract doesn't necessarily signal success.  How can you ensure that you and your manuscript receive the deserved recognition?  How do you allot time, energy, and money?  How can you manage the tsunami of marketing tasks?  What about the demands of the digital world?  We begin with a timeline (before the book is published) to guide the entire process. The pre-class assignment is to write a sell sheet, based on instructions received upon registration.  
"Viking/Penguin told me that my author questionnaire [provided in class handouts; explained in class] was one of the best that they received.  I offered to go to New York to make them lunch.  It turned out they do monthly lunch meetings with their big authors, so they slotted me in -- right between Joan Didion and Michael Pollan....As a result of that lunch, the guy who handles the Borders account pestered them to consider me for their "original voices" program, which put my book in the front of all the Borders stores.  I would never have thought of it had it not been for you."    --     Kathleen Flinn: THE SHARPER YOUR KNIFE, THE LESS YOU CRY