Class: Alice Acheson - Publishing Choices (Corte Madera)

Saturday, October 7, 2017 - 10:00am

Sat., Oct. 7 • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm • $60

What is POD?  How does it differ from self-publishing?  Will either be easier, faster, better than the route to a traditional publisher?

All authors need to investigate the most appropriate method of publication before finishing their books.  You owe it to yourself -- and your pocketbook -- to learn the advantages and pitfalls of each type.  Using decades of working with all three publishing choices, the instructor shares the method that would be most appropriate for your book.

The services provided are quite different, as are the expenses. Can your book be reviewed and sold in bookstores and will you earn more money with one procedure over the others?  The answers to these crucial questions -- and others -- will determine the appropriate publishing route.

"[Alice Acheson's] knowledge about and reflection upon the reality of the publishing business makes her absolutely credible."
 --  Catherine Conway Honig, Book Passage student

Alice B. Acheson, a consultant with decades of experience in publishing, guides clients in marketing and publishing their book, no matter the genre or choice of publisher. She has negotiated book contracts, sold subsidiary rights, and edited and publicized books.  Her work as a publicist was recognized with a Literary Market Place Outside Services Award for Advertising/Promotion/Publicity, and the The New York Times' bestseller list simultaneously has included four recipients of her publicity prowess.

"Armed with all the practical information you provided including how to get past the gate keepers I am now better prepared and ready to do what I need to do to get my book to the market place." -- Nisha Zenoff, former class member

"Before I took your 'Publishing Choices' I was not clear which would be the best for my book. Your course provided the information I needed to make an informed decision."

"Sending you my homework assignment before the first class and knowing you would read it and make comments for each individual helped focus my attention and intentions." 

"Knowing that each member of the class would read my writing and offer comments was a little scary at first. However,  the atmosphere in your classes was supportive and fun while being direct and honest."

"Wow! I loved this! Writing my 30-second verbal pitch and practicing it out loud before the first class was helpful. I went from feeling unclear and intimidated to clarification and excitement." 

"There was enormous value receiving live feed back in class. Your specific comments gave me exactly what I needed to pitch my book in 30 seconds rather than rambling on." 

"I am so glad this was my first course. It gave a strong foundation for the rest of the courses. I continued to practice my pitch and integrate what I learned as the weekend progressed."



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