Charla Miller - Wonder and Beauty (San Francisco)

Wonder and Beauty: My Journey from Heartbreak to Healing through the Wonder of Horses is a story about a mother’s choice to quit fighting in the courtroom after years of custody battles that result in parental alienation and the eventual abduction of her only child. Charla Miller made the choice to save herself and her child by leaving and going back to the birthplace of her son in San Francisco, California. She begins to rebuild her life in the midst of the global financial crash of 2008 after seeing her real estate business collapse, her home foreclosed upon and her life savings vanish in the midst of the hundreds of court cases that took place between her and her ex-husband.

She arrives in Northern California at the home of a close friend that witnessed the unraveling of her life and begins the arduous task to heal without her son. Her story takes the reader from her happier memories of her past and leads you through each step she took from new employment and friends to a stronger resolve to live. Her longing and grief over the loss of her child begins to lessen and her spirit grows stronger with each passing day

Miller visits a local library and stumbles upon films about horses and notices a remarkable difference in how she feels while watching them. She had been a part of many types of traditional and holistic therapies, but nothing made her feel as unburdened as she did when she watched films about horses. One day she typed the words “healing and horses” into Google and a door to a new way of healing was made available. Equine therapy became Miller’s focus and shortly after making this discovery she met the equine therapist that would lead her to the new life she lives today. 

While writing her book the author continued to move forward with the hope that one day she would reunite with her son. One morning in the early hours a dream came to her and she turned it into a chapter of the book. This dream of reunification with her son was the first of many gifts to come. Her time with horses introduced her to the language of the heart and how once linked in love this bond can never be dissolved. The author and her fiancé moved to a property in Idaho to begin their life together with the dream that includes horses and all of their children.

Charla Miller is the founder of — a website and blog that integrates emotional and physical beauty. As a makeup and hair artist she shows women how to take care of their skin and shows them how to bring out their full beauty through the use of simple makeup and hair techniques. Her website introduces different types of healing practices, skin care and makeup tips and inspiring events. Charla started as a makeup and hair artist in Hollywood and she continues to work in film and advertising campaigns, and as an artist in global cosmetic brands. She is a premier destination wedding artist in the Boise, Idaho area and beyond. In 2012 she created the website, as way to communicate her love and commitment to her stolen son. The site has a global following and the desire to inspire other parents and family members to start believing that the possibility of reunion exists, even in the midst of their child’s absence. After five years Charla decided it was time to write the story of reclaiming her life that led to the reunion with her stolen son.


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