Ashley Reynolds - Little Girl Blue and her not so ordinary boots (Online Event)

Sunday, February 21, 2021 - 2:00pm

Sunday, February 21st, 2021

Online • Live • 2:00pm PT/5:00pm ET

Ashley Reynolds' new children's book, A Little Girl Blue and her not so ordinary boots, tells a story bound to bring diversity and delight to any child's bookshelf. Blue lives with her daddy in a neighborhood not so unlike yours. They have many adventures together until one day, things change. When gifted a pair of boots from a magical helper, Blue learns to get in step with her breath, saving her new friend.

Ashley is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a strong background in Psychology. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ashley currently lives in Oakland, CA. In her debut as an author, Ashley pulls from clinical disciplines including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, and Mindful Based Stress Reduction to bring this whimsical coming-of-age story to life. The story teaches foundational skills and therapeutic techniques to name the difference between thoughts and feelings while helping kids learn to trust themselves in an ever-changing world. A paramount addition to any child’s bookshelf offering representation and normalizing families with one parent. Ashley is proud to combine the experience of being a nanny for 7 years, her Masters in Social Work from New York University, and over a decade of direct service in her new children's book debut.  If interested you can find out more about the author and book at