Alison Wright - Human Tribe (Corte Madera Store)

A page-turner in the most exquisite sense, Human Tribe is a book of over 160 portraits that express the emotive beauty and grace of the human face. Documentary photographer Alison Wright traveled to every continent to capture the diversity of the human tribe, from toddlers to those who've lived a lifetime, and from South America to Africa, Asia, and points in between. Some of the people photographed are privileged, some live ordinary lives, and others live close to the land and in communities that may not last another generation. Collectively, these surprising studies of the human face remind us of our common bond and the inherent dignity in being ourselves.

Alison Wright has spent a career traveling to all regions of the globe as a documentary photographer for National Geographic publications. 



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ISBN: 9780764353963
Published: Schiffer Publishing - November 28th, 2017