Adrianne Aron - Human Rights and Wrongs (Corte Madera Store)

Monday, February 11, 2019 - 7:00pm

Berkeley psychologist Adrianne Aron has won the Sunshot Nonfiction Prize for Human Rights and Wrongs: Reluctant Heroes Fight Tyrannya small book that defenders of a humane immigration policy believe will knock out the bigots and jingoists by the third round. Aron’s punch has 40 years of experience behind it, salted by advanced degrees in both psychology and politics. It is delivered in 12 powerful chapters written in story form, about oppressed people who survive and manage to go forward—because other people, spurred on by sentiments of human solidarity, chip in to help.

Like the people of the current caravans, the people whose stories are told in this book have survived war, natural disaster, political persecution, cross-cultural misunderstandings, and social oppression in many different forms, and have hopes of finding in the United States a place where they can begin to reconstruct fractured lives. Their stories illuminate aspects of the national and international social order of urgent interest to today’s reader, particularly in light of Washington’s allegations that the caravanista migrants are criminals and dangerous invaders.  

What is the truth about why people flee their homes? What awaits them when they reach a supposed area of safety? How do interactions with police and courts, lawyers and judges, mental health workers and jails and hospitals affect them? “Bad guys?” This book draws the line between bigotry and propaganda on the one side and truth and compassion on the other. Insightful, informative, provocative, and moving, Human Rights and Wrongs takes the reader to dark places but shines a light of hope. It is a book to be consulted, discussed, shared, and enjoyed.

Dr. Adrianne Aron studied political theory at U.C. Berkeley and later earned a Ph.D. in psychology from U.C. Santa Cruz. She was for many years clinical director of a pro-bono service for Central American refugees, the Centro Ignacio Martín-Baró, a project of the Committee for Health Rights in the Americas. She is the co-editor and chief translator of a collection of essays by Martín-Baró, Writings for a Liberation Psychology (Harvard University Press) and translator of Mario Benedetti’s Pedro y el Capitán into English as Pedro and the Captain (Cadmus Editions). For respite from her long hours with traumatized refugees she took up writing fiction and little essays of creative nonfiction and, on receiving awards in both genres, was encouraged to write Human Rights and Wrongs in the style of a collection of stories to make the book accessible to the general reader—the audience a liberation psychologist always wants to reach.

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A gift of truth for a generation of Dreamers, a vault of memories for their parents, and a record of shame, pride, sorrow, humor, and forgotten fact for a nation of immigrants.