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A Piece of Peace is an autobiographical account of one woman's unique struggle with a near-fatal disease. In 2018, Sweta had already earned acclaim from having written a dozen successful books and for her work toward amplifying women's voices.

Suddenly overtaken with a massive health crisis, she entered a fight for her life that lasted more than six months. Her journey back to wellness through mindfulness and Ayurvedic healing show us both the true resilience of the human spirit as well as laying out a practical day-by-day plan that anyone can build on to restore health and recover from chronic health losses. Sweta shares her vulnerabilities, makes recommendations, interviews experts, and reminds us all that how we respond to a situation determines our path in life. Additionally, you'll learn about:

  • The power of mindful living.
  • The impact of finding and owning your voice on your well-being.
  • A reminder about the role of wellness in the lives of writers & creative professionals.
  • Essays and stories on coping with the pandemic, mindfulness, Ayurveda, meditation, resilience, productivity, and more.
  • Tips, tricks, wisdom all packed neatly with compassion to help you navigate life no matter what's thrown at you.

"A Piece of Peace is a great combination of personal experience and street-smart advice including some very potent lifestyle changes. It then segues into very practical tips to stay healthy, physically and mentally, during the pandemic and culminates in sage advice to authors."
Nitin P, Ron, MD, Speaker, Expedition Leader, and Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

"A Piece of Peace is a wonderful collection of Sweta's reflections on her journey to healing from chronic illness. Sweta's bravery and determination to heal is reflected in her words of wisdom, which I am sure many will find empowering. I loved reading this easy-to-follow guide, it is beautifully honest and packed with tips for every day.
~-- Mita Mistry Columnist, mindfulness-based cognitive therapist and acupuncturist

"What did Sweta Vikram do after a miraculous recovery from near death? She wrote this healing guide to long term health for your creative mind, body and soul. Linger a while with her book and let your body unwind and find peace of mind - the keys to setting your creative soul free."
--- Cauvery Madhavan, Author of The Tainted

"A Piece of Peace by Sweta Vikram is the book every woman needs to have by her bedside. Each chapter is a little piece of magic that is easy to digest after a long day. When times are hard, we just need to know that other women feel the same, as a form of self-empathy."
-- Amy Wheeler, Director of Training at Optimal State Yoga Therapy School and Former President of the Board of Directors at International Association of Yoga Therapists

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ISBN-13: 9781615995998
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
Publication Date: September 20th, 2021