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Seven Keys to Rejuvenate is a powerful, holistic and comprehensive anti-aging guide for women that offers natural, lasting solutions for looking great and feeling great after 40. With the aim of going deeper than tackling your facial wrinkles, Seven Keys to Rejuvenate takes you on a journey of rejuvenation from the inside out. You are going to reclaim the youthful essence with which you can become positively ageless. You will not only look younger, you will feel younger! With Seven Keys to Rejuvenate, you will: Learn to adopt a positive attitude towards your age Renew your passion for life and reconnect with your authentic self Love yourself all over again and improve your body image Manage your stress, time and energy efficiently Use the power of laughter and human connection to thrive Nourish your body and brain for optimal performance and health Discover easy exercises and self-massages to stay vibrant and youthful Create your own beauty toolbox with natural products to take care of your body Forget about surgery, ditch the expensive creams, and learn natural solutions to reverse aging! Are you ready to join me? Chantal has brought together so many aspects of health, well-being, and awareness about energy, about mind, rejuvenation and beauty - all under one umbrella - the umbrella of her program. I recommend her program to women who want to learn about health of the body and mind so that they can create a lifestyle of happiness and well-being. Soorya Resels - Relationship expert at

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ISBN-13: 9781504375658
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication Date: March 29th, 2017